Well-intentioned “stranger safety” programs put kids to sleep (or worse, scare them); but the KID ESCAPE™ self-discovery and practice approach does the opposite.

Teaching a tough subject with a fun approach is not easy to pull off, and I’ve spent 100s of hours fine-tuning a formula proven successful, so you don’t have too.

Police officers, teachers, PTOs and martial artists teach Grip, Dip & Spin™ as a part of their anti-bullying, drug-free, good touch/bad touch, internet safety presentations.

We also have instructors teaching our complete, 60 minute KID ESCAPE™ Program at schools, hospitals, churches, gyms, etc. The event possibilities are limitless.

“As a School Resource Officer for 11 years, I have seen a lot of safety programs and I can say without hesitation KID ESCAPE is the best.” – Deputy Scott Bauer, Tea, SD

Below is a KID ESCAPE™ Instructor Certification Day FAQ. If you have questions or requests, you can e-mail John@KidEscape.org  or call John Hall at 513-364-2702.

Who is eligible for Instructor Certification? Non-profits like law enforcement, schools, child advocacy groups and churches. For profits who serve kids like martial arts studios, gyms, tutors, etc. are eligible. You decide how many officers, teachers or individuals you want to attend the Certification Day or Online Training Program.

Can more multiple organizations attend one Instructor Certification Day? Yes, so you can equally split the investment and save money. We suggest the first step towards certification for your organization is contacting your neighboring police, child advocacy agencies and private groups to see if they want to join you. This will significantly reduce the price for each organization and we can reach a lot more kids.

Can my organization charge a speaking fee? If you are a police department, school, church or child advocacy organization you can accept donations because KID ESCAPE™ is a great fundraising idea. We have found parents are more than happy to invest a small fee (usually $5 per child or $10 per family) to have their child(ren) experience KID ESCAPE™ and practice Grip, Dip & Spin™ moves.

What if my organization is not a non-profit, can we have Certified Instructors? A lot of child-based businesses teach KID ESCAPE™ as part of their service to their community. If you do not charge for your programs, your investment is the same as a non-profit. However, if you want to teach KID ESCAPE™ and charge speaking fees, there is a yearly fee (it usually pays for itself after a program or two).

What if, after an Instructor Certification Day, my organization has new officers, teachers or individuals who want to teach it but did not attend the day? There is no additional cost. Each attending organization receives our Online Instructor Program: 4+ hours of videos (in digestible 5-10 minute situations) for post-certification day reinforcement plus training new individuals in the future. In addition, coaching with Developer John Hall via Skype or e-mail is available for current or future instructors.

Can I use other child safety resources along with KID ESCAPE™? Yes, because it truly complements other programs. In fact, Grip, Dip & Spin™ enhances whatever programs you have set up. A Community Outreach Coordinator in Alabama teaches KID ESCAPE™ as part of a program covering the Internet, bullying and predators.

What age range is appropriate? Clearly, a six year-old’s cognitive ability is different than 12 year-old’s. But with my coaching tips, I share with you how to approach your event or group’s age range. The beauty of Grip, Dip & Spin™ is the universal application across all ages. Remember, the key message remains the same: stop someone from moving you from the first place they talk to you or touch you.

How long is the average show or program? Typically I teach for 60 minutes but you can adapt the length to meet your audience (and I provide videos to show you how). With most kids, “less is more” because too much information goes in one ear and out the other; diluting the key points. Plus, our interactive exercises, mixed with memorable story-telling, keeps kids with short attention spans mezmorized…

What is the Certification Day Agenda? No boring seminar data dump! Jump start your readiness by experiencing it live and spending the day with John.

8:00 – 9:00 AM: Watch John Hall teach KID ESCAPE™ live at a school in your town.

9:00 – 10:00 AM: Return to your police station, martial arts studio or group’s location.

10 – Noon: De-brief morning show and practice teaching minutes 0 – 20 of the show.


1:00 – 3 PM: Learning check so far… Practice teaching minutes 20 – 40 of the show.


3:30 – 5 PM: Learning check so far… Practice teaching minutes 40 – 60 of the show.

What if my organization does not have the budget to host or attend a Certification Day? We never want money to get in the way… You might brainstorm ideas around possible sponsors from your business community and local or national Grants. A lot of our Trainer Certifications and School Shows are funded by PTOs and local corporate sponsors. From a Wal-Mart Store Manager in Kentucky, to a US Bank in San Jose, CA or a restaurant owner in Bloomsburg, PA; they helped fund events for their schools and Instructor Training for their police officers. What other ideas pop into your mind? Also, you can choose an Online Certification Program. We created this option to eliminate travel costs without sacrificing the integrity of our certification process (watch training video samples on the right).

Do you provide materials and permission to use the KID ESCAPE™ brand? Yes, and you can even add your own spin to best fit your market. For example, a Police Department in Bloomsburg, PA uses their community outreach brand called “Tiger Cuffs”. Our Certified Instructor in Australia uses the name “KIDS” ESCAPE to fit the Aussie dialect. The 11 by 17 poster below has successfully created interest in programs. Ask a printer to add their logo and donate a couple dozen to place on bulletin boards around your town (old school approach still works).






















Interested? E-mail John@KidEscape.org or call 513-364-2702; we can brainstorm funding ideas and payment plans for hosting or attending certification events.

“Last night a teacher was attacked after school and she used Grip, Dip & Spin™ presented to our students to escape.” – Richard Hogue, Superintendent, Fishers, IN