About John Hall


Since 1999, 250,000+ kids have experienced John’s interactive and engaging predator safety program called KID ESCAPE, created after his five-year-old son Aaron came home from school upset about ”strangers”. This is the only time John uses the word stranger because stranger abductions are rare.

Your kids are more likely to be moved and abused by someone familiar to them. John believes the most important self-protection lesson your children can learn is to never let predators take them to a second location. GRIP, DIP and SPIN is based on universally accepted research that resisting predators in the first place will dramatically increase the chance for escape.

Why? Because if they are moved, whether it’s a few feet into a bedroom or miles away in the woods, their odds for escape disappear with each passing second. But telling your kids is not enough because most of us are hard-wired to comply (”If I just do whatever they say I will be okay”) during the critically important first few seconds, and we know what usually happens next… So is there hope? Yes, there is, if you read this book to your kids and practice the effortless moves, you can help condition their brains to resist in the first place, in the first few seconds, without indecision.

John’s wish for your children is that they practice GRIP, DIP and SPIN to ”stay put” in the first place, no matter who it is… because most child predators move kids and abuse them in a second location, not murder them. The Centers for Disease Control estimates that one in six boys and one in four girls are abused before the age of 18.

When John is not teaching KID ESCAPE, he lives in Cincinnati with his family, two hyper Bichon Frise dogs Spike and Duke, and an always growing number of incomplete home improvement projects.

Connect with John at 513.364.2702 (or email with questions about ordering books and the KID ESCAPE Ambassador Plan where you can add GRIP, DIP and SPIN to your safety programs.