How did you start KID ESCAPE?

For 20 years, I have studied abductions where people accidentally fell and stayed on the ground like protesters, or toddlers during tantrums. Falling is perceived as a passive act, abductors did not get mad, they paused from confusion. As seconds passed, the abductors lost what they want in the first place... speed and control. The ground literally saved people because it delayed the abductions in the first place.

How can I talk about abductions without scaring my kids? 

When I teach live programs, I open with an analogy. Try this using your own words. ”Do you remember when you learned to Stop, Drop and Roll? Okay, here's another question. Did you wake up wondering if today is the day your clothes catch on fire? Of course not, it's a silly question I know! It will probably not happen, but if it does you'll know what to do. This book is about another safety lesson kind of like Stop, Drop and Roll…”


Are my kids old enough?

One is one too many, but statistically most abductions happen to teens and adults. But if your kids (recommended age 4+) practice GRIP, DIP and SPIN often, the most important self-protection lesson to never let someone move them to second places becomes instinct, an unconscious response they will the rest of their lives... just in case.


Understanding the
WHY behind

Can I reduce the odds my kids freeze like deer in headlights? 

Walter Cannon discovered "fight or flight" when we encounter threats, but there is also a third response, "freeze". What will your kids do? You will never know for sure until god forbid it happens... but if your kids practice GRIP, DIP and SPIN the most important self-protection lesson to never let someone move them from the first place can become their instinct.

Why not just kick 'em ”you know where”?

Kicking, hitting, biting or anything your kids can do to fight off abductors might work, and we hope that it does. But with adrenaline (plus drugs and alcohol) inside them, abductors don’t feel pain, reducing the odds fighting force with force will stop them. Plus, abductors expect children to "run, fight or freeze". So when your child does something unexpected in the first place (like GRIP, DIP and SPIN) odds are the abductor will think, "This kid is crazy - I’m outta here"!